Saturday, 24 May 2014

Golden Dress and Improvisional Pleating contest

 I have mentioned before that I have been making a dress for my friend's four year old daughter. I wanted to make something special, which she could eventually wear on her birthday party. She is the kind of girl who loves wearing princess dresses and appreciate things like tiaras and other accessories, so I wanted her to feel like a little princess.

Luckily she is the same age as my son, which made things easier when I was drafting the dress.
I had chosen a simple shape and was wondering what detail I could add to it to look more impressive. That was when I saw The Improvisational Pleats Tutorial by An from Straight Grain and quite liked the ideas. They were all so easy to make and at the same time produced such a nice look. That was what I wanted for the dress.

For this project I used golden coloured fabric, which I suspected was polyester satin. I got that fabric from a fabric shop in Bulgaria an year ago.

It wasn't easy to sew with this fabric as it was very slippery and fraying. And because the dress would go as a present to someone else I had to be even more careful while sewing it.

The dress participates in Improvisational Pleating Contest organised by An from Straight Grain and Birch Fabrics and if you like it you could vote for it here. The contest ends on May, 26 10pm.
Thank you in advance for your vote! The winner would receive three yards of Flight Voile Fabrics from Birch which are really gorgeous and I would be more than happy to sew something with them. That's why I need your help.

I must confess that although it's a challenge to sew an occasion dress, it somehow feels unjustified to spend so much time making something which could possibly ends up being worn only once or twice. I find it more satisfying sewing practical and useful clothes that would be worn over and over again.

Anyway, expect more fotos of the little birthday princess wearing the dress. Fingers crossed that it would fit her well! I am also planning a hair accessory for it, so come back and check out these days.
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Quilted fabric bins with cute appliques

Two years ago I still hadn't heard of freehand machine stitching.
Then I came across Poppy Treffry's book "Free and Easy Stitch style" on Amazon, liked the cover pictures and bought it. And I wasn't disappointed. I liked her style of uneven stitching and rough edges. They made things look even cuter.

Around that time I had my baby daughter. I needed a kind of storage bin/box where to keep some nappies, nappy bags, nappy cream and moisturiser handy and organised in our living room where we mostly spent the day. I got fed up of always looking for any of them when changing my baby's nappy . And although spare time was a luxury for me I decided to make myself a fabric storage bin. My baby girl had colics and would sleep mostly in my arms during the day. I remember how I drew and cut the applique motifs while I was cuddling my sleeping girl. I was trying to figure out if there was a way I could sew on the sewing machine while holding her. I even tried a sling so I could have my hands free. Unfortunately she didn't like being in a sling so I just had to steal some time here and there to complete my project.
First I made the ''apple, pear and cherry'' fabric bin. I used linen fabric, polka dot fabrics and cotton wadding.

I liked the result and another storage bin followed, this time the theme was cupcakes.

And then baby feet storage bin..

I was planning to do a fabric bin with pink baby feet applique as well, but I ran out of linen fabric. For some time it was out of stock. When it finally came in stock and I ordered it turned out slightly different linen fabric. A bit disappointing for me..
Now I have plans to do a big fabric bin for the kids' dirty laundry but I still haven't decided on the applique theme. I have two ideas on my mind. The first one would feature houses, cars, trees and the second one - beach huts and boats. Hopefully one of them gets accomplished soon.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New projects on the way and some new trimmings and buttons

I haven't been posting much recently but this doesn't mean I haven't been sewing. I have been working on two new projects. The first one is a pair of trousers for my little daughter. This would be my first time sewing trousers and I feel pretty excited.
I wish they were ready and I could show them but the first toile I made was a disaster- it was so wide that my girl looked like a clown. She looked so hilarious in them that me and my mum had a really good laugh watching her moving around in them.

The toile for the trousers
Now I have to alter the pattern and would probably skip making another toile and move directly to sewing the trousers as I get too inpatient to finish them. I already have a certain fabric in mind, something lightweight and drapey.
The second project I have been working on is a kind of a party dress for one little princess who has a birthday soon. I have done the pattern, picked the fabric, bought an invisible zipper and even ordered some lining fabric today. Once it arrives I will start sewing it. The girl is the same age as my son, so I used him to fit the dress. I just hope it would fit the girl as well.
 And finally here are some white trimmings I bought a week ago. As usual I didn't have any idea where or when I would use them. I think they would make a good addition to a white feminine blouse (one day).

And some colourful buttons...for cheerful outfits..