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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A trip to a fabric hotspot

I started this week with an exciting trip to the west part of London, where along a short stretch of Goldhawk Road you can find at least ten fabric shops, all crammed with all sorts of fabrics. I have been wanting to visit this fabric hotspot for so long, but with two small children I couldn't really get myself travelling to there.
I am so glad I finally found the time to go there. After meeting an old friend for a nice chat over a cup of coffee there, I went to explore the fabric shops. I spent around four hours there digging into loads of interesting fabrics. I just wished I bought the fabrics I liked in the first two shops I visited, but because I didn't know what I would come across in the other shops, I decided to have a look around first and then to buy. In the end I couldn't go back to them, as I didn't have time.
Of course, I didn't come back home with an empty bag. Here is what I bought.
Some lovely pure cotton fabrics, which I intend to use to make some duvet covers and pillowcase for my two little monkeys. They were reasonably priced at £5.50/metre.

pale pink tulle

Flower printed cotton fabric and pale magnolia cotton fabric

Beautiful white trimming

Two polycotton fabrics priced at £2/metre, with good drape

I tried to capture the fabric's real colours, but the two polycotton ones were quite tricky. The same fabrics looked differently on the different photos.
Lately I have been drawn to mustard colour fabrics. It's strange, because it has never been one of my favourite colours before. Apparently with time one's preferences change.
What colours are you drawn to?