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Sunday, 9 March 2014

"Happy chicken" project

This week I worked on a dress pattern ( I will share more on this in my next post ), sew a little Easter gift and even made a cake (which ended up looking like a big mess, but fortunately it tasted better than it looked).

Now I am at the stage where pattern is ready and the fabric has been chosen (deep blue cotton fabric). I hope that the dress would fit my niece as I skipped the step of making a proper toile this time. I intended to finish the dress first and then to move to another project, but just before starting cutting into the fabric I realized that I haven't washed it in order to avoid shrinkage afterwards. While I was waiting for the fabric to dry, I embarked on a little Easter project.

Playing with the effects on the camera

I was inspired by this decoration which I saw on I had fabrics quite similar to the ones on the photo, but decided to experiment with other colours.
I've been intending to sew something for a friend of mine as a way to say "thank you" , so when I saw the chicken I thought that would make a good handmade gift.
While I was gathering my thoughts to write this post my little son came around and this conversation followed :
My son : "Mummy, what are you doing?"
Me : "I am writing something"
My son :  "What are you writing?"
Me : "Something"
My son : "But what"?
Me: "I am writing about this chicken"
My son (laughing): "Why are you writing about this chicken?"
Me: "Well,....."
My son: "What are you writing about the chicken? Why are you writing about this chicken?"
Me: "Because....... it is a happy chicken, and funny one."
He laughed more. And now he calls it a "happy chicken".