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Sunday, 26 January 2014

A parcel full of fabric loveliness

A parcel full of  fabric loveliness arrived yesterday. I have written how I fell in love with Nested Owls fabrics by ADORNit and wanted to order some of them. So the last few days I was eagerly waiting every morning for the postman to knock on the door and hand me the little precious parcel over. Well, it happened yesterday but not exactly that way. In fact he handed over a delivery card, notifying me that £20 custom charge had to be paid in order to be given the parcel as it came from outside EU. I expected a charge but definetely not that much. I should have checked it beforehand.
Then when I went to the Royal Mail Collection office to collect it, I had another disappointment when it turned out I didn't have enough cash with me to pay the charge, being short of only fifty pence. So a trip back to home followed and then another one again to the Collection office.

Finally I was able to open the little parcel and see its lovely content. The fabrics were also much appreciated by my little girl, who quickly came and sat on them the moment I lay them on the carpet. There were also two ribbons which surpisingly quickly found their way into her little hands. I hardly manage to save them from her.

Now, I start thinking what can I make with them. Any ideas?