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Thursday, 16 January 2014

"Helicopter" cushion

"Mummy, sew me a helicopter", that's what my little son told me when I asked him what he wanted to have on his cushion.

To be honest I was quite relieved that he chose a helicopter. And I would have been equally relieved if he wanted a plane, or a ship or any vehicle. Just not planets, the Moon or a spacecraft.
I was terrified he was going to ask for them, as for some time he has been very interested in them, asking a lot of questions and often looking at them in his book of the Solar system.
I couldn't imagine how I was going to make the planets with some bright felt. Undoubtedly these would have been the most ridiculous, funny and unrecognizable planets, you have seen.
For the cushion itself I used soft polyester fabric, originally from a blanket I had bought from IKEA two years ago. I had bought a white blanket and a red one to use in my sewing projects rather than as blankets. They were quite reasonably priced at about 3.50 £ each, which came cheaper if you had to buy the fabric from a fabric shop.

I have almost used the whole white blanket making the helicopter cushion and a kind of blanket for the buggy. With the small piece of white fabric left, I was thinking to make baby shoes or booties for my little girl, but as she is growing, she wouldn't need such any more so I have to take these off my 'To do' list.
Now the Helicopter cushion proudly sits on my son's bed. Somehow it feels great knowing that something that I have done with so much love for him sleeps next to him.

If you fancy the helicopter applique, please feel free to use the template below. All you have to do is just click on the photo, save it, resize it if necessary and print it.