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Friday, 3 January 2014

Some adorable fabrics

To say that I am a fabrics addict would be an exaggeration, but the truth is that I do love fabrics. I love looking at them, playing with them and imagining what could I turn them into.
I came across ADORNit Nested Owls fabric range by chance. You can see images from that range throughout the post.

I was admiring the lovely items on display in a small shop called San&Sab, in which the owners were sewing everything in there. And with the current boom of online shops, it is such a pleasure to be in a brick-and-mortar fabric shop, where to be able to touch and feel the fabrics. I could stay there for hours, and maybe I would if I wasn't starting feeling a bit uncomfortable .
Unfortunately I don't have such shops near to where I live and often have to browse fabrics on the internet. A few times I have been disappointed when the fabric arrives and it turns out to be too stiff or not the right shade.

Anyway in that little colourful shop I noticed some scrap fabrics,which they didn't sell. Later I searched for them on the internet and found the complete Nested Owls range. And I am in love with it. For my great delight ADORNit ships to United Kingdom and I am looking forward to ordering some.

There are some lovely ribbons, too.

And have you bought something recently that you feel quite excited about?