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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My very gathered party skirt

It's been a long time since I sewed something for myself. I sewed for my daughter, for my mum, for my friends' kids but nothing for me recently.

It all started from the fabric. I liked the shiny taffeta and the first thing I imagined was a skirt. The stiffness of the fabric would be great for achieving shape. So here is what I made for myself : a very gathered party skirt.

The skirt is knee length, with an invisible zip on the back. For the construction I used three rectangles - one for the front and two for the back skirt. I haven't added flare as I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I have decided that this would be a quick project (not that quick in the end).

Unfortunately, that skirt is not a garment I would be wearing very often. It would probably gather dust in the wardrobe for a year before the next wear. Next time I sew for myself I will make something for an everyday wear.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A casual summer wrap skirt

About two months ago I sewed this top for my mum as part of the birthday present. While rummaging into her wardrobe I found out that none of her skirts made a good match with the top. That's how I decided to sew a skirt. I had some orangish fabric left over from the top. It is light and drapey polycotton fabric.
So here is the outcome.

It's a wrap skirt with longer waistband which continues into ties.

My aim was to create a skirt that would fit snugly and at the same time wouldn't require great precision and a lot of fittings when making it. All my pattern making and cutting tools were left behind at my home and all I had were pins, a pair of scissors and 30cm long ruler. I missed my cutting mat, rotary cutter and drafting ruler.

What I like most about this skirt, is that it could be worn in more than one way. The ties could be on the side, on the front or even on the back. I personally prefer 'ties on the side' look. I wish I had got the different looks photographed, but it didn't come to my mind at that time. I was lucky to get even these photos done as my little one was clinging to my arm, constantly moaning.

The funny thing was that after I made the skirt and paired it with the top, it didn't turn up the way I expected. The blouse was way too wide for the skirt and when tucked in, it created bulk. So in the end, I had to pair it with another blouse.