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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Craft time: rosettes and cupcake paper flowers

Let me show you what I have been up to yesterday. I made a little break from sewing and crafted these paper blooms.

As we were having three lovely little guests coming on Saturday, I thought why not brighten the room a little bit. And believe me these cupcake paper flowers really brighten it up. I am not a fan of artificial flowers but I just love these ones. I first spotted them on Martha Stewart's website and planned to make them someday.

I also made some rosettes, which are just so easy to make that when my little boy asked me to draw another snowflake for him to cut out (that was probably the hundredth snowflake that I had to draw this winter, as he was still so fascinated by the way they turned out when unfolded) I decided to show him how to make a rosette. So me and my enthusiastic little helper made one, then another, then another one till we had as many as these.

All this crafting activity of mine provoked my husband's comment "Well, apparently some people here have too much spare time". The funny thing about it is that I keep complaining every now and then that I am so short of time and there are so many things to be done in the house, and at the same time I am found sitting on the floor in the living room making paper flowers. For someone, who doesn't take sewing and crafting quite seriosly, it probably looks as a total waste of time. But for me it is simly a way of living.
As I have already mentioned both flowers and rosettes are so simple to make that in no time you will find yourself making a whole bunch of them. If you fancy making some but you are not sure how to start, here is a step by step photo guide

And now the rosettes

Happy crafting!