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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Getting ready for a new project

A few days without sewing passed and I feel ready for my next challenge. For some time I have been wanting to sew something as a gift for my sweet 7 year-old niece. And indeed this would be a challenge as she lives far away, so I have to sew the garment without her being able to try it on before completing it.
I plan a sleeveless top with a simple design as I don't want to risk to do something more complicated which might not fit in the end.

It may feature a Peter Pan collar, which I have never sewn before, so here is an opportunity to try my hand at it.
I've got lots of single-coloured dressmaking fabrics, but I have my eye on these contrasting fabrics.

Do you think the design and the fabrics are a good match? I must confess I'm not absolutely sure, but quite curious to see the outcome.

I thought you might like to see the latest addition to my growing collection of sewing books. The book arrived yesterday and I am so excited. It came just on time for this project, as the book demonstrates how to draw basic blocks for childrens garments.
I will keep you updated on the project. Thanks for reading!