Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What I sewed for my mum's birthday

How do you choose a present for someone special? Do you usually plan it well ahead or leave it for the last moment?
For me personally choosing presents for children is easy but choosing presents for adults could sometimes be a torture. I am a fan of practical presents. I don't want to clutter up someone's home with beautiful but unusable gifts. Maybe because I don't like receiving such.
Anyway, my mum's birthday was a month ago and that was a good reason to get creative and make something special for her.

In fact, the initial idea was to buy her something, but with two little "helpers" with me on the shopping trip, the only thing that I would have come back home with was lots of stress and probably no present.

Just like me, my mum loves clothes. We have similar taste for clothes and I knew it had to be something simple with a little twist.
That simple thing I decided to be a short sleeved top(which I drew using a vest of mine as a guide - luckily we are almost the same size) made with two contrasting fabrics and "crooked bamboo seams" on the front. The "crooked bamboo seams" is improvisational pleats technique which I saw here and I loved it . The fabrics are lightweight polycotton and fall really well.

The necklace was also a part of my present. I grabbed one for myself as well.

If you wonder whether my mum has liked the present, to be honest I don't know. I just hope she has. She has worn it once so far. Now I am planning to sew a knee-lenght skirt to go with it. I will probably use that orangish (??? how do you actually call this colour?) fabric for it.