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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Another summer hat

Wow!  A few weeks since my last post here... Time has been flying...
The last few weeks I have been taking it slowly and spending less time in front of the computer. That doesn't mean that I have given myself a break from sewing. I just didn't have the opportunity to photograph my recent creations. By the way I have been fascinated by the beautiful and quality photographs of some other bloggers.

One of the latest things I made was something for my mum's birthday, but more on this in a future post.

Another thing I made was a summer hat for my daughter.

 Yes, another sunhat!

 If you have seen the previous two sunhats I had sewn (one for my boy and one for my girl), you have probably started thinking that I am addicted to sewing hats. Well, I am not. And although I have already made three of them I can say they just don't bring me that excitement as the one I get with creating garments. I was just trying to be practical and sew things that were needed.

The blue hat has been much worn so I decided to make another one in pink to go with her swimsuits and some of her clothes.
For the making I used a cotton fabric from "Dainty Blossoms" collection by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake. I didn't want to make exactly the same style as the first one. I wished to try something new.
The pink hat featured a wide brim like the blue one, but this time the crown of the hat consisted of several triangle pieces joined together.
To draw the pattern I used an old favourite summer hat of mine which my mum had kept over the years.

My old little summer hat

 I liked how the new hat turned out in terms of shape and execution, but was disappointed to see that it was bigger for my girl's head. And the annoying thing was that I actually started making it right but somehow got concerned it would be too tight on the head and added another little triangle to the crown, which I regret now. One or two more years before she could wear it....What a pity!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Boy's sunhat

This holiday it was all about hats for me. After making a sunhat for my little girl, it was my boy's turn to get a new hat. As I didn't have any boyish fabrics, I had to buy a quarter meter of some fabric, suitable for boys. I went to a local fabric shop and came across this "elephant" one and thought it could be made into a hat.

Although it looked simple to make I must confess that I had to make two tester hats before I got the size right. 
Now that the sunhat is ready I keep thinking that it would have looked better if I included a strip of white fabric or white piping to make the hat more attractive.

The thing I like most about making this hat is that it's something very practical and I'm sure it would be worn a lot during summer.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Making a sunhat for a first time

Being in a warm and sunny place where sunshine is not luxury has inspired me to sew my first sunhat for Eva.
Two weeks ago I was looking for sunhats for my children. I came across this lovely girl's hat in Asda, but there were only large sizes left.

 I grabbed one with the intention to use it as a model for constructing a similar one which would fit my little girl's head.
It's definitely not a difficult thing to make, but maybe because it was the first time I made a hat, I could see that I had made a few mistakes, luckily not so noticeable.
These are the two tester hats I made. I made this one first

then tried adding some flares and that was the result

I decided to use the flared shape for her sunhat, as it looked more girly. Now I think that I might use the first shape to make a hat for my boy as well.
My fabric choice for the hat would be something neutral, like the one from Asda, which would match most of the clothes. I went to two local fabric shops to hunt some fabric, but priced at 15-18 euros/ metre seemed two much, so I went back home and looked again at the very few fabrics I had kept at my parents home. Finally I picked the one with blue flowers, although it wasn't neutral (If you have been following the blog you would have seen this fabric before here and here)